Mountain Home, Idaho

Puppy Training

Hello puppy parents!

Here is a summary of our programs specially designed with puppies in mind. Puppies are a totally different ball game and have different training needs than adult dogs. Puppies need socialization, house training and bad habit prevention. Here are my programs, customized to meet the needs of our baby best friends.

Spot’s Life for Puppies

You couldn’t love your Spot any more if you tried, but you don’t love the holes littering your backyard. He has a solid sit, when there are no distractions and when a cookie is clearly visible. Who needs arms day at the gym when can just walk your dog! You can’t love Spot anymore, but maybe you could appreciate more peaceful companionship…and a leisurely afternoon stroll? 

This is a balanced program that focuses on setting you and your puppy up for life! Spot’s Life includes our Training Spot’s Lifetime Support Guarantee to ensure you have the support you’ll need through out the life of your new puppy. Part of having a loving relationship with anyone is being able to communicate lovingly, clearly and consistently. We will teach you and your puppy a common language that will dramatically improve life with your pup.  As always we use a balanced but compassionate training approach to ensure you have a wonderful and loving relationship your Spot.

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Dream Spot for Puppies

Long, companionable walks along the greenbelt. Checking out interesting things, but quickly moving off together. Tossing the ball in a park, even with children close by. The shoes you forgot to put away are in one piece when you get home! Summer camping with Spot is the most fun you’ll have all year! Not to mention the off leash hikes! 

This program is an amazing first year of unlimited training for both you and your puppy. You can wake up to your dream dog as a reality!  This program includes our Training Spot’s Lifetime Support Guarantee so you have the peace of knowing you have a support system!

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