Mountain Home, Idaho

How Does Our Training Work?

how we trainIf you are like most families, you need strategies to live in harmony with your dog. We not only have a language barrier, but a species barrier with our best friends! We are dedicated to compassionate but clear dog training, so there is no need to worry about your dogs personality changing. We use a variety of training techniques that are customized to meet you and your dogs needs. Even if other training has failed or just been too forceful for your taste, we will help! Not only will you have a wonderfully behaved dog, our training is designed to enrich your relationship with your dog, to build a lifelong friendship founded on trust and understanding.

At Training Spot we are dedicated to giving you the knowledge and skills so you you can enjoy your dog again. I’ll  teach your dog how have a polite, healthy, and safe dog. We understand what it means to love dogs and we want to help every person / dog duo reach their full potential and experience the freedom that comes from a well trained best friend. We’ll teach you, so you can teach this best friend. There is no dog too little or too big, too old or too young.