Dog Training  Boise ID
Dee McFarland called me very concerned about Lily, her 15 week old Yorkshire Terrier. Dee described multiple concerns, but at the top of the list was Lily’s fear of almost everything. She was afraid of the harness, leash, and of most people. Lily had zero interest in interacting with her new family, and ran around like a crazy “honey badger” doing whatever she pleased.

Dee and I evaluated our different goals, and started by focusing on our relationship with Lily and on come when called. This was a huge concern, otherwise “honey-badger” Lily was liable to be swept off the resident Hawk! After a few weeks, Lily was great at returning when called and we progressed onto leash walking. Dee’s dedication to Lily’s training made all the difference. She had leashes and harnesses out to help Lily habituate their presence. Dee and I worked faithfully on off leash heeling, and counter conditioning Lily to wearing her harness. The first day Lily walked confidently on her leash and harness Dee and I almost cried with joy and pride!

Today, if you met Lily you would have no idea the fears and struggles she has overcome! I couldn’t be more proud of Dee and Lily’s progress!

Dee & Lily McFarland
Nampa, Idaho