Mountain Home, Idaho

Dog Training Programs

What do we expect from a dog trainer or dog training class? A happy home and a happy dog.

Your dog resting comfortably under the table while you enjoy a cup of coffee. Walking with your dog, confident you can keep Spot safe and out of harms way.

We want to enjoy all aspects of life with our best friends at our side. With years of experience we can help you develop the relationship and behaviors you are dreaming of. We teach our clients how to train compassionately, free of force,  pain, intimidation or fear. Our training will enrich the life of you and your dog, helping to foster a strong bond that will last a lifetime.

Here is a preview of our most popular training programs focused equally on results and your relationship with your dog. For more program information (including program pricing) please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

Spot’s Life for Puppies

This is a balanced program that focuses on setting you and your puppy up for life! Spot’s Life includes our Training Spot’s Lifetime Support Guarantee to ensure you have the support you’ll need through out the life of your new puppy. Learn  more…

Dream Spot for Puppies

This program is an amazing first year of unlimited training for both you and your puppy. You can wake up to your dream dog as a reality! Learn more…


Spot’s Life for Adult Dogs

This is a balanced program focusing on you and Spot being set up for life with our Training Spot’s Lifetime Support Guarantee. Part of having a loving relationship with anyone is being able to communicate clearly and consistently. Learn more…

Dream Spot for Adult Dogs

This is a balanced program focusing on you and Spot being set up for life, plus off leash reliability! Learn more…