One of the most frequent questions I’m asked is what type of training treats I use. My answer? ALL OF THEM. Every dog has different tastes and different preferences. These preferences matter when it comes to the treats you choose for your pup. The best thing to do is have a lot of variety and keep them guessing with a Puppy Trail Mix!

Puppy Trail Mix Recipe 

1/4 c Real Diced Ham, Chicken or Hot Dog (real meat is key)
1/4 c Real Cheddar Cheese (real cheese!)
1/2 c Quality Dog Treats (see list below for ideas)
1/2 c Your Dog’s Kibble

Chop up your meat, cheese and dog treats into TINY bites. Once chopped, mix them all together and divide it into 2-3 snack sized ziplock bags. If using in 1-5 days store in the fridge. If using in 6-10 days store in the freezer. When ready, mix in kibble and train!

Here is an example of just how small to chop your ingredients. My secret to tiny uniform treats is the Vidalia Chopper Pro Vegetable Chopper. I really, really, love this gadget in a very nerdy way! It simplifies treat chopping and making the process faster and much less tedious. Remember! Size Really Does Matter! Keep those treats tiny, tiny, tiny so we can train for longer!

To make shopping easier, I’m IN LOVE with these training treats! Regardless what treats you purchase, don’t underestimate the power of training with real meat and cheese.

Training Spot Favorites

Hopefully this will help you get the most out of your training, treats and keep your pup motivated! Please comment your any and all treat suggestions!

Happy Training!